Park City Ski & Snowboard Tuning & Repairs

Tune Your Gear Like You Tune Your Car, Every 3,000 Turns.

Marty’s by Backcountry is a full service ski/snowboard tuning and repair shop located in Kimball Junction Park City, UT. When it comes to edging, waxing, base repair, base grind, de-lams and really any problem you can encounter we can advise and or fix for you. As far as Waxing we like to iron them in because we can customize the wax to suit the snow condition, though we do have a quick roller if you are in a rush.

Turn around time is usually 24 hours for tunes, mounting, and hot waxes, but that can change due to demand.


Buff Wax $10
Ski or snowboard buff waxed while you wait.

Hand Wax $15
Skis or snowboard hot iron waxed and scrapped by hand.

Edge & Hand Wax $30
Machine sharpened edges, with a hand wax and scrape.

Full Tune $45
Wet belt and stone grind with machine sharpened edges, hand wax and scrape. (Base Welds additional $5 per 2 inches Ptex additional $5 per 5 inches.)

Binding Adjust $20.
Boot fitted to binding as well as bindings adjusted to proper DIN.

Binding Mount $35
Mounting bindings to skis and bindings properly adjusted to boot.

Binding Remount $45
Old bindings removed and new bindings mounted.